Organisational Strategy

In 2022 we produced our organisational strategy, created through support from the Rebuilding Heritage Mentoring program with mentors Sabina Strachan and Kirsteen Macdonald. This sets out our short and long term plans across a range of key aims and objectives. It has been designed by Neil McGuire who worked with Alasdair to create his Gray Display font with Edwin Pickstone and Imogen Ayers.

Our organisational strategy is an essential document that leads towards the formal governance structure, fundraising and delivery plan for the future. This plan will focus on the next 3 years and allow us to build a sustainable base for the future. We will develop our activities in line with key organisational values to create a model for governing and managing an artist’s archive. This has best practice, fairness, equality, diversity & inclusion embedded at all levels. The archive is unique and there is no ready-made template of how it should operate or be governed. Guiding us through this process is a network we have developed of experienced mentors. We have grasped these challenges and the opportunity to rethink how Gray’s work can act as the catalyst for the creation of a new form of dynamic, contemporary cultural organisation. At the heart of this is an access and engagement program that uses the collection as a generative resource for a range of activities with children, young people, creative learners and adults with children, young people, creative learners and adults.

Download our organisational strategy