Unlikely Objects, Mostly


A collection of everyday objects followed Alasdair Gray for long periods across the different rooms of his life, often appearing within the imagined worlds he conjured up as familiar motifs and devices. They now occupy prominent places within the Alasdair Gray Archive. In this new podcast series, we use these objects to draw together memories from Alasdair’s friends, colleagues and collaborators. In doing so, we explore deeper connections between the artist’s own assembled world, his day-to-day practice, his home city and his commitment to socialism. Unlikely Objects Mostly is produced by Christopher Silver for the Alasdair Gray Archive, with support from the Scottish Graduate School of Arts and Humanities, Creative Scotland and research assistance from Kim Crowley.

Episode 1 (The Green Chair) and 2 (The Chess Board) now online. Click the link below to listen on Spotify.

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Gray Matters


Gray Matters is a series of podcasts looking at key themes in Gray’s seminal novel Lanark. Over 2021 the podcasts interviewed friends, family, admirers and experts on all things Gray.

Key themes include Lanark &…
…the City (Glasgow)
…Real life and Fantasy
…Optimism and Dystopia
…Love (and Loss)
…Bewilderment (and Discovery)
…Time (the past and the future)

Also available on YouTube.

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