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In September we will be delivering a two person show of Holly Allan and Hayley Jane Dawson happening at Nicolls Gallery.

Both creatives spent time recently at The Alasdair Gray / Agnes Owens Archive, making work as a creative response to their time spent there. Whilst each came with their own distinct practices, through meeting and further conversations, links were made on a experiential and material level. Echoing the relationship Alasdair Gray and Agnes Owens had (in having distinct yet supporting practices) Holly and Hayley have created works that look at meaning as a way of layering time, materials and conversations to create objects that are ultimately richer from these dialogues.

Brief: We are looking for a creative to write an accessible text of up to 2,000 words that explores Holly and Hayley’s distinct practices, makes links between & highlighting how they individually drew on Gray and Owens works, celebrating the power of collaboration. This text would be made available at the exhibition and online. We encourage people of all ages, genders, race to apply and particular interest will be given to applicants who are not regularly published or commissioned.

Fee: £500

To apply: Please send your CV, covering paragraph about your approach to this project and a sample writing piece to by 10th July 2023