Gray Matters

A new podcast series

A new project being developed is the capturing of stories connected to Gray’s life and work via an oral history project which will enrich and widen access to this extensive collection. One of the initial ways of developing this will be through a series of podcasts aimed at adults and children, Gray Matters and Wee Gray Matters.

Gray Matters is a series of podcasts looking at key themes in Gray’s seminal novel Lanark. Over 2021 the podcasts will interview, friends, family, admirers and experts on all things Gray.

Key themes will include Lanark &…

…the City (Glasgow)
…Real life and Fantasy
…Optimism and Dystopia
…Love (and Loss)
…Bewilderment (and Discovery)
…Time (the past and the future)

Wee Gray Matters will take similar themes and discuss them with children and young adults. The aim will be for the discussions to shape ideas for resources that can be downloaded from the Education Resources section of this website.

Also available on YouTube.

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