What We Do

The Alasdair Gray Archive undertake a range of activities, seeking to support and explore new creative opportunities for artists, writers and the public at large, through the work of Alasdair Gray.

Creative Commissions

We commission new work by asking creative practitioners to respond to some element of Gray’s work, practice or approach, to produce something new that is meaningfully connected but also exists as a new work in its own right. Throughout his working life, Gray sought to celebrate and declare his influences, seeing them as an integral part of all making. Similarly, we encourage and support creatives to respond to Gray’s work, taking inspiration from it, but making new work of their own, that can stand alone and make it a generative resource.


We undertake a range of creative projects, from public artwork commissions to events and public programmes.


Alasdair believed that everyone has the right to access culture. Creativity unlocks our own stories, allowing us to learn and be shaped by others. The transformative power of the imagination empowers us and leads to new thinking. At The Alasdair Gray Archive we do this by creating opportunities to engage with the collection from volunteering, placements, paid internships, research opportunities, resources, talks and tours. We participate in regular public events such as Doors Open Day and Wednesday Wanders, the Archive is free and open to all, get in touch to book an individual or group tour!